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Back Pain

Perhaps you’ve seen a host of physios, chiros, osteos and massage therapists in the past. You’ve tried a variety of manual therapies, dry needling, taping, ultrasound and pilates. Things feel better after a day or so, then reliably, your pain returns. Maybe you’ve tried a few “rehab exercises” in the final minutes of your consult but weren’t sure if you were doing them right or how to progress them. You may even have had surgery. It hurts even more to think of all the money, time and energy spent on your back. You’re frustrated, have no confidence in your body, and are starting to lose hope.     

Our understanding of back pain has evolved considerably over the years. We now know that pain is multifactorial and we need to consider so much more than just the painful region in question. We will work to systematically strengthen your back, core and glutes as well as work on mobility through your spine and hips. We’ll also investigate what other factors may be contributing to your back pain. Individualised exercise is essential for managing persistent back pain and returning you to the meaningful activities in your life.

We will:

  • Show you how “movement is medicine” for your back
  • Strengthen and mobilise all relevant areas as needed, not just your back
  • Help you understand your pain and what contributes to it
  • Reverse the vicious cycle of pain → lack of movement → deconditioning/weakness → more pain → repeat
  • Decrease pain and increase function
  • Help you return to doing things that are important to you, so you live a better life

To further your progress, or to work on other goals concurrently, you may also be interested in personal training.

“I couldn't recommend them more highly. I have had on and off again lower back/hip pain for close to 18 years and have seen a variety of physios, osteos and chiros to help manage my symptoms. After working with Optimal Health I not only saw significant results within days but was also provided with an understanding of why I experienced my symptoms and given strategies to live life as pain free as possible. Overall an excellent experience with an extremely competent and knowledgeable team.”

Chris, 33 yrs

“I've had back issues for many years. I was introduced to Optimal Health by my doctor. Before I started training with Optimal Health, I hadn't even heard about exercise physiologists. I used to train with regular trainers, which was ok, but I am now so thrilled to have made this transition.

Exercising with Sam, has taken training to the next level. The best way I can describe training with an exercise physiologist is as 'smart training'. Sam not only finds the best exercises to suit my needs, but also makes sure I get the most benefits in an efficient way.

Sam keeps a detailed track of my performance. He prepares my session in advance, so he knows exactly what I will be doing the next session. His attention to detail and focus on technique have made me realize how important this is when training. The benefits are evident, not only I have less back issues, but I also feel much healthier and stronger.”

Paul, 43 yrs