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For many reasons, in-person access to our studios may not always be possible, which is why we offer the option of doing your Exercise Physiology sessions remotely from your computer, tablet or smart phone. Whether your goals are training for fitness, or rehabilitating a chronic injury, we’ve got you covered. All services offered in-person can be delivered online.

During your one-on-one sessions with us, we will cover:

  • Assessment. Learning more about your body and how we can help. We listen to you, unpack your goals, conduct a movement screen, any relevant physical tests, and then strategise a path forward.
  • Home exercise programs. Designed for minimal space, with minimal or no equipment. Consistent with our speciality, they will be designed exactly for your body, needs and circumstances.
  • Virtual training. We will demonstrate how to execute exercises via physical demonstrations and streamed exercise videos. You will receive real-time coaching/feedback.
  • Program creation and discussion. Our software allows easy screen sharing capabilities to discuss programs and weekly plans.
  • Structure. Be confident that you are continuing to exercise with purpose, and with progression.
  • Accountability. The natural thing to do when circumstances are challenging, is to drop off with your exercise habits. We can ensure you that you stay on track whilst exercising from home.
  • Expertise and education. In this information age, there are many online exercise options available. Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) remain the highest qualified exercise professionals in the country. Be confident that you are being looked after.

Some advantages of our online sessions include:

  • Saving time – slot a session into your workday. Complete a tailored exercise session in the same time it takes to watch a Netflix episode.
  • Not having to deal with travel, traffic or parking.
  • Being set up in the exact environment that you’ll be doing your ongoing home training in.
  • Preventing loss of strength, deconditioning and weight gain whilst you aren’t able to attend our studio in-person.
  • Preventing your pain and symptoms regressing.
  • For those with children, you may not need to organise childcare or a baby sitter.

Not being able to visit our studio doesn’t mean you need to put your health on hold! Get in touch so we can show you how easy it is to get started on your health journey.