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Injuries and Pain

Injury Rehabilitation

Perhaps you’ve seen a host of physios, chiros, osteos and massage therapists in the past. You’ve tried a variety of manual therapies, dry needling, taping, ultrasound and pilates. Things feel better after a day or so, then reliably, your pain returns. Maybe you’ve tried a few “rehab exercises” in the final minutes of your consult but weren’t sure if you were doing them right or how to progress them. You’re frustrated, have no confidence in your body, and are starting to lose hope.

Or perhaps you’ve plateaued in your rehab, or want to take your recovery to the next level and beyond. 

Whether it is knee pain, back pain, shoulder issues, recurrent hamstring strains, neck tension, overuse injuries, tendinopathies, or any other muscle and joint issues, we can assist you. We are exercise and movement specialists. Through carefully tailored strength, stability and mobility exercises we will decrease your pain and increase your function as quickly and safely as possible. During this process, we don’t just focus on the target area, but the entire “chain of movement” in order to galvanise your body against further injuries. The body functions as a unit, not as an isolated joint, and we prescribe exercise with this in mind.

We will:

  • Decrease your pain and increase your function
  • Strengthen and mobilise all relevant areas as needed, not just your injured site
  • Coach you on how to move in order to minimise discomfort whilst maximising therapeutic benefit
  • Help you understand your pain and what contributes to it
  • Reverse the vicious cycle of pain → lack of movement → deconditioning/weakness → more pain → repeat
  • Give you the best chance to prevent reinjury
  • Help you return to doing things that are important to you, so you live a better life

To further your progress, or to work on other goals concurrently, you may also be interested in personal training.

Evidence shows that the stronger you are before your surgery, the more likely you are to return to full function after surgery. Although you may not want think about exercising prior to surgery due to pain or stiffness, investing the time and effort is well worth it. Regardless of whether you are having a knee arthroscopy, hip replacement or ACL reconstruction, your recovery after surgery is hugely influenced by your strength and stability prior to surgery. It can be argued that prehab prior to a procedure is just as important (or more important!) as the rehab afterwards. Our “prehab” programs can be so effective that in some instances surgery is no longer needed. In any case, prehab prior to surgery will decrease pain and increase function post-surgery, and is recommended by all physicians and surgeons. 

We can help you to:

  • Shorten recovery times and reduce complications post-surgery
  • Be confident that you are giving yourself the best chance possible of the best function, and the least pain after surgery
  • Strengthen not just the area in question, but surrounding musculature for increased function
  • Be educated on what to do and not do during the entire process.

If you have already had a procedure (no matter how big or small) we will safely and efficiently bring you back to full function and beyond. We will guide you through evidence-based protocols, individualised for your situation. We can also recondition your entire body as you may have experienced deconditioning and muscle loss during your period of injury. 

We will:

  • Decrease pain and increase function
  • Give you the attention you need after a procedure
  • Build strength and reclaim your range of motion
  • Shorten recovery times post-surgery
  • Educate you on what to do and not do during the entire process.
  • Return to full function, and in many cases, exceed your previous capacity!

“I feel like I have tried everything in the healthcare system. I seem to have spent the last 5 years in pain and have been caught in a cycle of injury and nothing was working. Since visiting Optimal health I can say that for the first time in a long time I am pain free and feel like I am on the path to be back at my best! Their knowledge and expertise is unlike any other. Highly recommend!”

Reece, 34 yrs

“Amazing!! I was referred to OHEP when I was struggling with severe back, knee and foot pain, over a year ago. For years, I had struggled with these issues, having seen physiotherapist and Osteo therapists, with no long term results, as they only treated one problem area at a time.

When I started working with Bianca, she helped me overcome all those issues to become a stronger person physically, providing exercises and stretches that strengthening and targeted my back, knees and feet.

She explained how different exercises strengthened different parts of my body and taught me to be mindful to treat my body right doing everyday activities. With her friendly approach, Bianca helped me mentally push through the challenges I faced too! It was truly a life changing experience for me. Thank you!”


“Five months ago my knee was swelling up daily just from climbing the stairs. An MRI showed that I had multiple pathologies including a torn medial meniscus. The sports physician said surgery was the only way to fix it and that no other kind of rehab would completely heal it.

Fast forward five months and after seeing Optimal Health (and no surgery!) I have zero knee pain, no swelling, and I'm back squatting 50kg. It's as if I never had a knee injury. And because of the individualised exercise program Optimal Health took me through (at the same time as my rehab), my whole body is stronger and I'm fitter that before my knee injury. They have enabled me to avoid all the pain, expense, deconditioning and chance of re-injury associated with surgery and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Katie, 32yrs