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Welcome to Optimal Health Exercise Physiology

Our mission is to empower people to live better lives through movement. 

At Optimal Health, we:

  • Develop personalised exercise programs and deliver private ongoing training in a non-intimidating environment
  • Help you to exercise regardless of your injuries, health conditions, weight, age, and level of fitness
  • Actively treat long-term pain, injuries and medical conditions
  • Walk you through quality, evidence-based exercise to help you achieve your goals in the most effective, safe and efficient manner possible

Optimal Health are an exercise physiology and training studio. We commonly work with busy professionals who have health conditions and/or long-term pain who want to feel, move and look better. Our team consists exclusively of Masters level qualified Exercise Physiologists. Unsure about whether exercise physiology is right for you? If you'd like to speak to an exercise physiologist directly you can call Yujin on 0432 338 496.


Happy Clients

  • “The team at Optimal Health will transform your life. Regardless of age or level of fitness. Provided you are willing to give it a go... Prior to training here I had done very minimal exercise. Due to regular achievable progressions I am now stronger, fitter, leaner and more in control of my health.”

    Ian, 50 years old

  • “I no longer have chronic pain issues associated with a sedentary job; and I can dance/cycle/stomp-around-the-park to my heart’s content... I encourage anyone interested in working out to book an appointment with someone at Optimal Health. Don’t be intimidated – they are wonderful!”

    Chantal, 49 yrs

  • The Optimal Health team’s knowledge of exercise and the body is masterful. I was unsure whether my long-term back and hip pain would allow me to return to basketball and gym training but through specific exercises progressed weekly, I am back stronger than before. It’s invaluable to have healthcare professionals that genuinely care about their clients.

    Marty, 26 yrs

  • Before I started training at Optimal Health, I hadn't even heard about exercise physiologists. I used to train with regular trainers, which was ok, but I am now so thrilled to have made this transition... The best way I can describe training with an exercise physiologist is as 'smart training'. Sam not only finds the best exercises to suit my needs, but also makes sure I get the most benefits in an efficient way... The benefits are evident, not only I have less back issues, but I also feel much healthier and stronger.

    Paul, 43 yrs