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How we can help you

After a comprehensive initial assessment, we offer 60 minute private sessions where we take you through personalised exercise to achieve your goals.

Exercise Physiology will benefit you if…

  • You know you should be exercising but don't know where to start
  • You are already training but have plateaued and need more guidance to reach your health and fitness goals
  • You need expert guidance with injury rehabilitation and want to return to full function, stronger than ever before
  • You currently lead a sedentary lifestyle and are at risk of developing a chronic disease
  • You have already been diagnosed with a medical condition or chronic disease and want to be more in control of your life
  • You have aches and pains in your body that have lasted for more than 2 months
  • You need help setting realistic and achievable goals
  • You need accountability, support and motivation to facilitate your long term success