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Injury Rehabilitation

"The Optimal Health team’s knowledge of exercise and the body is masterful. I was unsure whether my long-term back and hip pain would allow me to return to basketball and gym training but through specific exercises progressed weekly, I am back stronger than before. It’s invaluable to have healthcare professionals that genuinely care about their clients."

- Marty, 26 yrs

Injury Rehabilitation

Whether it is back pain, neck tension, knee pain, postural issues, overuse injuries, tendonopathies, shoulder issues or any other musculoskeletal issue, we can assist you. Through carefully tailored strength, stability and mobility exercises we will return you to full function as quickly and safely as possible. During this process, we don’t just focus on the target area, but the entire “chain of movement” in order to galvanise your body against further injuries. The body functions as a unit, not as an isolated joint, and we prescribe exercise with this in mind.

Pre and post-surgery rehabilitation

Regardless of whether it is an ACL reconstruction or hip or knee replacement, your recovery post-surgery is hugely influenced by strength and stability prior to surgery. Our “prehabilitation” programs can be so effective that in some instances surgery is no longer needed. In any case, prehab prior to surgery will decrease pain and increase function post-surgery. Alternatively, if you have already had surgery, we will safely and efficiently bring you back to full function and recondition your entire body.

“…I then continued working with Yujin through a hip replacement, from which I recovered in record time. Currently I am back playing competitive tennis, swimming, cycling and gym 12 weeks after surgery. I have found Yujin skilful, knowledgeable and respectful at all times. He has a great ability to judge exactly the level of work one is capable of so that one always succeeds at tasks and has a sense of achievement while at the same time making great progress."

- Megan, 57 yrs