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"I have been lucky enough to work with both Yujin and Sam for the last two years. Prior to embarking on the multitude of benefits I experience from exercise physiology (more specifically Optimal Health), I was a basic gym-goer avoiding the lifting of weights. I have a background of spinal problems and although fully functional I feared damaging my back further. Yujin and Sam have taught me to understand my body better, focus on my technique every step of the way and moreover achieve levels of fitness I never thought possible. The core difference from other trainers I have had in the past centres around their scientific understanding of my body - the exercise is prescribed solely for me - not a series of movements used in a blanket fashion for all their clients. My strength, core stability and confidence have all grown and continue to do so. Working with these guys is a sound investment in my health and mental wellbeing."

- Sayan, 32 yrs

"I have been working regularly with Yujin for more than two years. In that time the improvement in my strength, physical stability and mobility has been immense. I began this work because of suffering from severe osteoarthritis in several areas of my body and am now mostly pain-free due to having strengthened the relevant muscle groups. I then continued working with Yujin through a hip replacement, from which I recovered in record time. Currently I am back playing competitive tennis, swimming, cycling and gym 12 weeks after surgery. I have found Yujin skilful, knowledgeable and respectful at all times. He has a great ability to judge exactly the level of work one is capable of so that one always succeeds at tasks and has a sense of achievement while at the same time making great progress. I certainly plan to continue working for maintenance of the gains I have made."

- Megan, 57 yrs

"The team at Optimal Health will transform your life. Regardless of age or level of fitness. Provided you are willing to give it a go. They are intelligent and low on the sort of testosterone that plagues the physical fitness field. Prior to training here I had done very minimal exercise. Due to regular achievable progressions I am now stronger, fitter, leaner and more in control of my health."
– Ian, 50 yrs

"The Optimal Health team’s knowledge of exercise and the body is masterful. I was unsure whether my long-term back and hip pain would allow me to return to basketball and gym training but through specific exercises progressed weekly, I am back stronger than before. It’s invaluable to have healthcare professionals that genuinely care about their clients."

- Marty, 26 yrs

"I’ve worked with Sam for nearly 2 years and he has really helped me. He knows his stuff and he’s excellent at explaining the mechanics of muscles and exercise and how and why it all works, but this wouldn’t count for so much if it wasn’t for his very high degree of empathy, his capacity for insight into his client’s concerns and his persistent encouragement. He understands the importance of the psychology of health as much as the physicality. He’s flexible and thoughtful and he’s made me want to improve.  I enjoy and value my sessions with him."

- Suzy, 68 yrs

"Three health-related events over several years lead me to Optimal Health EP. These were several bouts of surgery (causing long periods of inactivity and loss of flexibility), severe knee pain (with difficulty in walking) and a realisation that I’m ageing (with general aches from tip to toe).  The surgery and other medical advice was effective; however, the knee pain and general aches were continuing and significantly limiting my mobility and quality of life.
The sessions with Yujin have been professional, educational, enjoyable and a turning point in my health…I have come to realise that the knee pain and general aches can be addressed through strengthening, better alignment and posture.  Further, it’s necessary and feasible to make exercise a regular, scheduled part of my weekly routine…I now have only occasional touches of knee pain and have recently completed long, solid tours (with substantial walking),  Secondly, I can better manage the general aches and have increased flexibility.  Finally, while the sessions with Yujin are not ‘soft’ (i.e., he works me hard) we also find time to laugh a little.
Where am I at, now?  Through the sessions with Yujin I am being empowered to better manage my health, and I see a prospect of continuing to enjoy a good quality of life."
- Darrell, 70 yrs

"Regular visits to Optimal Health have enabled me to enjoy life. Before, shortness of breath meant I could not walk up hills or stairs, had to rest while cleaning the bathroom or doing the vacuuming. I barely left the house - certainly not if I had to walk any distance. Now, I find vacuuming a stroll around the house. Is that a plus? Maybe not, but walking up the stairs at the theatre or cinema certainly is. So is walking for 10 minutes to the tram stop or to a restaurant.
I have the confidence to go to gym on my own and follow the program devised for me. I know it’s devised just for me. No-one else at the gym is doing the same sequence of exercises.
Exercise physiology has contributed more to my enjoyment of everyday life than any other intervention including medication."
- Rosemary, 62 yrs

"I started training with Sam more than a year ago and am pleased to sing his praises loudly to whomever will listen; I wish we could all work out with him.  The benefits: I no longer have chronic pain issues associated with a sedentary job; and I can dance/cycle/stomp-around-the-park to my heart’s content.  Sam is a wonderful trainer because he works with you to establish goals. There’s no chance of boredom – every session includes a new challenge, and he keeps track of your progress so you stay motivated.  Sam’s gentle encouragement and commitment to ensuring I use proper technique for each exercise (we all love hearing ‘that’s textbook technique’ during a session) means that I also feel confident when I work-out on my own.  I encourage anyone interested in working out to book an appointment with someone at Optimal Health.  Don’t be intimidated – they are wonderful!"
- Chantal, 49 yrs

"My husband and I have been working with Yujin Lim since April 2011. Although we had several trainers before Yujin, none has matched the quality and efficacy of his sessions. Our principal goals have been to maintain strength, flexibility and endurance as we age.  Our weekly session with Yujin has greatly improved our fitness and general well-being. We appreciate the quality of his interventions when health issues occasionally arise.  We also appreciate his willingness to accommodate our busy schedules."
- Anonymous, 73 yrs

"I've had back issues for many years. I was introduced to Optimal Health by my doctor. Before I started training with Sam at Optimal Health, I hadn't even heard about exercise physiologists. I used to train with regular trainers, which was ok, but I am now so thrilled to have made this transition. Exercising with Sam, has taken training to the next level.
The best way I can describe training with an exercise physiologist is as 'smart training'. Sam not only finds the best exercises to suit my needs, but also makes sure I get the most benefits in an efficient way.
Sam keeps a detailed track of my performance. He prepares my session in advance, so he knows exactly what I will be doing the next session. His attention to detail and focus on technique have made me realize how important this is when training.
The benefits are evident, not only I have less back issues, but I also feel much healthier and stronger."
- Paul, 43 yrs

"Working with the guys at Optimal Health has made me realize that the health issues that one gathers with age don’t have to have a big impact on your daily life. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms associated with this are general tiredness, muscle weakness, and joint inflammation, pain and stiffness. I have permanent joint damage in one knee and one wrist. There is no cure but I have found staying physically active is the key, and it can reverse some of the effects. Taking part in strength training has given me better levels of fitness, greater muscle strength, and puts me in a better mood. When I moved to Melbourne I needed to find health professionals who understood what I needed to stay healthy and mobile, just like I had from where I came.  Yujin and his team at Optimal Health were recommended to me, and I love it. They’re great people to work with – I look forward to my sessions. Being pro-active about taking up exercise under the guidance of professionals is a wise move. I know from experience you’re never too old to start and to get benefit from it!"
- Liz, 60 yrs

"Sam is an outstanding exercise physiologist. His knowledge of the body, physiology and exercise is extensive and you always know that you are getting a session tailored to your abilities and needs. Having worked with 5 other trainers previously, I can confidently say that Sam is one of the best. He is the perfect mix of kind and considerate but also knows when to motivate/push to keep you improving. I have more energy than before and have less need for remedial therapies such as massage due to the strength training work and more importantly, correct technique."
- Sunny, 37 yrs