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What is an Exercise Physiologist?

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are the most highly qualified exercise professionals in Australia. They are university qualified professionals who specialise in the prescription and delivery of clinical exercise and lifestyle modification programs. They possess the knowledge, skills and competency to work with people with chronic and complex diseases, people with injuries, and healthy people who want to get stronger/fitter/healthier.

AEPs must adhere to strict criteria in order to maintain accreditation and stay up to date with the current research in the field.

Exercise physiology services are eligible for various rebates including those from private health funds, Medicare (GP referred Chronic Disease Management Plan), WorkCover, DVA and TAC. 

How Our AEPs Differ From Other Exercise/Allied Health Professionals

  • Unlike personal trainers we are postgraduate qualified exercise specialists. In addition to being able to deliver fitness, strength and conditioning sessions, we have knowledge in areas of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. This means that we are well equipped to work with all presentations.
  • We use “active” interventions like exercise, movement, strength, stability and mobility to help you achieve your goals. We do not use any “passive” treatments such as hands-on manual therapy, ultrasound, laser, or electrical stimulation. 
  • We work beyond the acute stages of rehabilitation. In conjunction with a diagnosis and acute treatment and/or manual therapy from a physiotherapist/osteopath/myotherapist, we can progress you to full function and beyond by strengthening and stabilising specific areas with exercise.

“Before I started training at Optimal Health, I hadn't even heard about exercise physiologists. I used to train with regular trainers, which was ok, but I am now so thrilled to have made this transition…The best way I can describe training with an exercise physiologist is as 'smart training'. Sam not only finds the best exercises to suit my needs, but also makes sure I get the most benefits in an efficient way…The benefits are evident, not only do I have less back issues, but I also feel much healthier and stronger.”

- Paul, 43 yrs