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Why choose us?

  1. Our caring, individualised approach to exercise 

    • We offer a personalised exercise design – one size does not fit all. 
    • We really listen, pay attention and figure out the best approach to help you achieve your goals.
    • We offer responsive out-of-session email & phone support.

  2. Our expertise 

    • We have experience catering for all levels of fitness and physical capacity
    • We deliver programs that are based on scientific principles, and refined for real-world results
    • We are all Accredited Exercise Physiologists with postgraduate Master’s degrees

  3. Peace of mind

    • Know that you are not wasting your valuable time with training sessions that are not optimal and are doing you harm. Our programs maximise training efficiency and benefits whilst decreasing injury risk.

  4. Availability that suits you

    • We can accommodate appointments from 6:30am – 9pm, Monday to Saturday. You can book an appointment at a time that suits your lifestyle.

  5. World class facilities

    • You will have access to a private training studio, as well as a comprehensively equipped two-storey strength and conditioning complex. This means that we can progress you from dealing with an injury, all the way up to a full strength and conditioning program if needed.

Please contact us to enquire about how we can best help you.